At the end of our first week at Startup Institute, we were tasked with redesigning All Star Code’s application process. Their application process was too long and had no place for users to save their progress, creating significant drop-off. We had 24 hours to prototype a new and improved application process and present in front of a panel of judges.

My colleague Randy and I worked together on the wireframes and mockups. We revamped the look and feel of the application, giving it a sense of warmth and approachability. We separated it into 5 sections, as opposed to one long section, making the process seem shorter and less daunting. We also added a gamified progress bar to inform the user where exactly they are.

Key takeaway: The art of the steal. With limited time, re-inventing the wheel was not an option. We took elements from other applications we found effective, then mashed them up into a finished product that was consistent with current branding. Also, the importance of being super organized and sticking to best practices when working in a team.

Other project contributors: David Beiner, Jennifer Pope, Franklin Ramirez and Akeem Bailey.

<3 my team.